Cafe Menu

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Scrambled eggs on toast - £4.50
Beans on toast - £4.50
Sausage or bacon baguette/sandwich - £4.00
Sausage and cheese muffin - £3.50
Poached eggs on toast - £4.50
Two slices of toast honey, jam or marmite (£3.50)
Sausages, bacon, egg (anything but fried), beans and toast (£6.50)

Sandwiches/Baguettes - £4.20
Wraps £3.80
(all served with lettuce and toms where appropriate)

Coronation chicken
Chicken tikka
Chicken, bacon
Mexican chicken
Pulled pork and homemade slaw
Roast beef and horseradish
Meatballs and cheese
Thai green chicken
Egg mayo, bacon and chilli sauce
Gammon and slaw/cream cheese or mustard
Tuna crunch
Brie and cranberry sauce (V)
Mature cheddar cheese and homemade pickle (V)
Toasted sourdough, halloumi, harissa and honey (V)
Free range egg mayo (V)
PB, sliced apple and cream cheese (V)
Grilled Portobello mushroom and Dijon mayo (V)
Hummus, onion and roasted veg (V)


Tomato, BP and sundried tomato paste
Sliced falafel, spring onion and chill sauce
PB and J
Onion Bhaji
Hummus, avocado and cucumber

Paninis - £4.00 (some ideas)

BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon and cheese
Sausage, cheese and homemade pickle
Turkey, mozzarella, pesto and tomato
Ham, cheese and dill pickle
Brie and cranberry sauce (V)
Roasted vegetables and mozzarella (V)
Portobello mushroom, horseradish and brie (V)

Warm Panini - £4.50

Grilled halloumi, hummus and tomato


Hot food
Welsh rarebit (V) - £4.70
Jacket potato and filling - £5.50
Homemade soup of the day (V) - £4.50
Bangers, mash, peas and gravy served in Yorkshire pud - £6.50
Poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast (V) - £4.70
Mac & Cheese (V) - £4.50
Chilli and rice - £6.50


Salads - £6.50

Mixed green salad with any filling from the sandwich menu
Mixed leaf and mixed green bean salad
Caesar salad
Mixed leaf, feta, olive, onion and cherry toms
Side salad - £2.50

Individual or sharing platters - £6.50/£10.00

Hummus, falafel, halloumi, green bean salad, cherry toms, cucumber, carrot and olives served with toast (V)
Pate, homemade pickle, chilli jam, salami, pepperoni, olives served with toast
Cheddar, brie, blue cheese, apple, homemade pickle, small onions and quince jelly served with baguette (V)

Something sweet
Please check our cake table as they change daily

Large cakes - £2.50 per slice (half slices available)
Cup cakes- £2.00
2 x crumpets - £2.50
Toasted tea cakes - £2.50
The MOTGS Biscuit bar - £1.00


Children's Menu - £2.00 / £3.00
(price dependent on portion size)

Cheese on toast
Beans on toast
Boiled eggs and soldiers
Cheese/ham sandwich
Fish finger sandwich
Macaroni cheese
Banger, mash and baked beans



Drinks menu

Coffee £2.50
Flat white

Tea £2.00
Earl Grey
Selection of herbal and fruit teas

Children’s drinks
Hot Chocolate - £1.00
Squash - £0.50
Glass of milk - £1.00

Selection of alcoholic beverages including Prosecco, wine, cider and beer. AVAILABLE FROM 10AM


Allergies and Dietary requirements

We totally understand that everyone has different dietary requirements and our kitchen is happy to cater for all. Please speak to us about the ingredients or any other allergies you may have when placing your order. 

We love popping in for lunch on a Saturday, so friendly, warm comfortable and the food is always delicious.
— Jade, Basingstoke